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Online LIVE site visits. Saves time, energy for unwanted options.


Your personal representative to help you find, schedule options. Single point of contact.


All the options made available to you. You pick and chose based on budget,comfort and other requirements!


Economical! Only 15 days service fee and 1.0% transaction fee.

Why Plabro?

Plabro is brining a unique way to solve the real estate discovery problem. We understand the importance of role played by real estate brokers and take their help to help end users find the best and complete information from the market. Following is how we do it.

Plabro is India's premier networking and communication app for real estate brokers, property agents & dealers. This app, a first of its kind in India, offers an engagement platform for real estate brokerage firms, property agents and property dealers to connect, network and share information relating to real estate, housing, commercial properties etc.

Your requirement or property is shared within the network of agents without sharing your number. We charge a nominal fee (Rs 1000/-) for the same so we can tell brokers on our platform that you are serious. The brokers get back to us with the matching options and the brokerage they will charge which are consolidated and shared with you.

You can directly connect with them for the site visits and final closures. This is the most convenient and efficient way to find the house. People have closed transactions within 2 days using this platform.

For any information or feedback, please write in to info@plabro.com

Availability of Flats in locations

Work With Us

Plabro is a platform for Real Estate Agents which helps them close their transaction in an efficient way. The platform makes the data available in hand and one can make the informed decisions. Join us to see how we are changing the landscape of Real Estate Sector globally.

We are looking for passionate designers, data scientists, app developers, digital marketers, sales and marketing enthusiasts. Share your details at careers@plabro.com

We provide you a solution which helps broadcasting and searching information only among real estate agents. In addition, you would see demand-supply gap of a locality/building and put your efforts accordingly to maximise returns.