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Why Plabro?

Plabro is India's premier networking and communication app for real estate brokers, property agents & dealers. This app, a first of its kind in India, offers an engagement platform for real estate brokerage firms, property agents and property dealers to connect, network and share information relating to real estate, housing, commercial properties etc.

This app aims to bridge the gap in the real estate sector so agents and dealers can share information pertaining to lease, sale, purchase, rent and other accommodation for commercial purpose.

We provide you a solution which helps broadcasting and searching information only among real estate agents. In addition, you would see demand-supply gap of a locality/building and put your efforts accordingly to maximise returns.

It scores over other apps such as magicbricks and 99acres as this gives the power of communication in the hands of realestate agents and property dealers. Whereas magicbricks and 99acres are consumer facing mobile apps, Plabro focusses on the realestate brokerage community. Currently Plabro is available in the Delhi NCR region, specifically in Gurgaon. However very soon we shall be available pan India for all real estate dealers and property agents.

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